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Canterbury, Kent

Completed in Summer 2014, The Curzon Canterbury was the second project by AfroditiKrassa for the new cinema after their flagship location in  London Victoria.

The site is a hundred-year-old community hall and dance hall, located in the town centre which the locals fought hard not to have destroyed. Based on its history and the building itself, AfroditiKrassa celebrated the building, creating a scheme that respects the integrity of the Hall to house harmoniously the Curzon cinema. The space is now warm and comfortable, in which people like to spend time, beyond the screenings.

The Cinema Home concept defines the look and feel of the space but more importantly how customers would interact with it. The ground floor is abstractly/loosely divided into areas, commonly found in a house. The colours and materials are warm and inviting. Timber and traditional red bricks have been chosen for their familiarity. Rugs and fabrics soften the overall scheme, and reinforce the homey comfort. Finally, at the heart of the space, rocking chairs allow customers to enjoy a movie played by a vintage TV. It comes back to a sense of comfort and warmth that familiar objects provide.

Curzon content is available through LCD screen and headphones and throughout analogue artwork within the space. The 3 auditoria have individual colour schemes with matching thick velvet curtains lining the walls as you enter.

The interior is inspired by lofts, converted spaces for residential use with an eclectic and quirky feel

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