AfroditiKrassa Menu

2011 - 2013

Coco Di Mama is a specialist in fresh Italian take away. AfroditiKrassa has named, branded, designed and art directed the whole concept.

Based on the food offer, the branding concept is inspired by Italian sophistication & elegance with a sense of humour & irony. Coco Di Mama, or Mummy’s Boy, sets a strong & witty tone: not taking itself too seriously.

The brand’s visual language is very clean & heavily based on typography with clinical images of beautiful food. It combines contemporary use of typography with more traditional symbols such as the rosette & gingham pattern. The brand message is about familiar & comforting recipes made extremely well and fresh on site. The undertone of the brand is masculine combined with modernism & nostalgia. The brand posters are the images tying the brand together and grouping subtly all the elements above; high-end Italian fashion with iconic ingredients from the country, playfully & stylishly incorporated to the image.

Based on strong graphics, the interior uses the same language within the retail space. Depending on the sites, the black & white or red & white patterns are very strong & bold. The geometrical & confident shapes used for the pattern, light fittings and spatial arrangement contrast & marry well with more subtle, soft & elegant finishes such as leathers, timber & tiles.

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